51.2V Home Energy Storage Battery

48V 100Ah Power Wall Lithium Battery Pack for Home Storage

Item No.: RK48100LFP-HES-WHI
48V100Ah Power Wall Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack for
Home Storage
LiFePO4 Lithium iron phosphate material, safe and reliable;
Fully automated production of cells, the process is thermally stable, the charge and dischar
Module type 48V 100Ah
Battery cells required Square aluminum case GSP34135192-3.2V 100Ah
The main parameters Charging voltage: 54V
Rated capacity: 100Ah
Max. continuous charge current: 100A
Maximum continuous discharge current: 100A
Operating temperature: charging 0-60℃, discharge -20-60℃
Weight: about 42Kg
Size: 600*398*164mm
Cycle life: ≥2500 Cycles @80%DOD,0.2C/0.2C
IP Class: IP55
Communication Port: RS485/CAN
Bluetooth (optional), WIFI (optional)
Comprehensive advantages

1. Long cycle life reduces cost of average life expectancy
2. Maintenance-free brings lower cost
3. The operation temperature range is wide
4. Intelligent Battery Management System 
5. The battery will not be burnt or exploded in case of acupuncture, baking and other extreme statues